Yoshimune Miyoshi (三好 吉宗, Miyoshi Yoshimune) is the main character in the Durarara!! 3way standoff game and manga. He moves to Ikebukuro at the start of the game and is often called Yoshi-Yoshi by his friends and other characters.

His Chat Room handle, Eight, and his Dollars handle, Hachidaime (lit. Eighth Successor), are nicknames carried over from his former school because his first name, Yoshimune, is shared with the eighth shogun of Japan's Tokugawa Shogunate, Tokugawa Yoshimune. He also shares the shogun's birthday.


3way standoff Yoshi character sheet

Yoshimune's character sheet for Durarara!! 3way standoff


Yoshimune has reddish-brown hair and eyes. He often wears a white jacket over his Raira Academy uniform.


Yoshimune is a person who adapts easily to new places and likes to have fun. He has a great ability to listen to others and can potentially develop a darker personality depending on the route taken.


He has moved a lot due to his parents' jobs.


Yoshimune moves to Ikebukuro and meets all the characters in his first few days. Being adaptable and friendly, he is able to adjust quickly to the abnormal situations he encounters and to befriend almost everyone he meets. He mostly hangs out with the Raira trio, who warn him to stay away from certain people in Ikebukuro. Depending on which route he takes, he will either become a Yellow Scarves, Dollars, or Saika Army member.

In Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley-, he works for a politician's campaign on Izaya's orders and helps Shizuo after an injury.


Masaomi KidaEdit

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Masaomi is one of the first friends Yoshimune makes in Ikebukuro.

Shizuo HeiwajimaEdit

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Despite Shizuo hitting him with a mailbox, Yoshimune is on friendly terms with Shizuo. One of the gameplay additions to Durarara!! 3way standoff -alley- has Yoshimune helping Shizuo escape a group of mysterious men after Shizuo has been injured.

Izaya OriharaEdit

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Yoshimune is initially wary of Izaya due to the latter appearing untrustworthy. In one of the endings to Relay and in the manga, Izaya drugs Yoshimune and puts him in a suitcase.

Chiaki Igarashi Edit

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Yoshimune first encountered Chiaki as she was being bullied by girls who claimed to be Yellow Scarves members.

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