Listen, we are gonna release him. But whether he will go home or not, I'm not so sure.

–Yoshida, Episode 8

Yoshida is Namie Yagiri's direct subordinate and an employee at Yagiri Pharmaceuticals.



Yoshida is a tall, nondescript man with short brown hair and square glasses. He wears a business suit with a brown tie. While at Yagiri Pharma, he wears a white lab coat and his personnel ID on a lanyard over his clothes.


Yoshida has a cold, professional demeanor. He is loyal to Namie and the company, disregarding the illegal and unethical activities he participates in, including human trafficking and experimentation. While he speaks politely with business associates, including Shinra, he does not think twice about using his knowledge of Celty's nature to threaten him into performing unsavory work for the company and staying quiet about it.


Dollars/Mika Harima ArcEdit

Yoshida is first seen at Shinra's door with a job for the underground doctor. At Yagiri Pharma, he asks Shinra to make sure a young man who had attacked the company with fireworks is unable to remember the place.

S1 E09 Yoshida and Namie

Yoshida tries to explain to Namie

He is later berated by Namie for letting Seiji and the redheaded girl slip away. When Namie brings Seiji in, Yoshida is tasked with watching him and keeping him in the building. Seiji finally gets out and runs to the Dollars meeting on Sunshine 60 Street where Mikado is.


  • "Anyway, Doc, think you can fix it? Make it so he doesn't remember this place when he wakes up? That's all that we're asking of you, okay?"
  • "Let's be clear, Doctor. The chief and I both trust you completely. After all, you are keeping that thing a secret. Oh, and by the way, that roommate you have, she is more than just your average house guest, isn't she?"
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