Takaaki Kazamoto (風本隆秋, Kazamoto Takaaki) is a young but well respected executive of the Awakusu-Kai. Kazamoto is described as having the eyes of a serpent and is incredibly skilled at investigation. As such, Kazamoto is usually the one placed in charge of searching for specific individuals or digging up dirt on others.


Frequently described as young, with reptilian eyes or features. He tends to speak coldly or with sarcasm and despite being likely the youngest executive his subordinates regard him with much fear. He gives off a very chilling aura at times, keeping cool and dismissive under most pressure. In the anime he is seen in a green suit and yellow tie with sharp teeth, green eyes, and short black hair.


Kazamoto was the executive originally tasked with capturing and getting rid of Ruri Hijiribe, an assignment given to 'bury her in the mountains' having come from Jinnai Yodogiri. Due to personal bias on behalf of Dougen Awakusu as well as the interest of himself and other executives they had planned to merely ship her off. The plans in place backfire due to improper information from Yodogiri, resulting in many of his subordinates being injured and the assignment ending in a failure.

Later he was tasked with finding and retrieving Akane Awakusu, the job being in the end resolved by Shiki instead when it collided with his investigation of Shizuo Heiwajima.

Kazamoto accompanies Akabayashi to disrupt the people selling drugs in one of their clubs. Through the implied use of torture he was able to make one of the captured low level dealers talk, finding out information on how they communicated with their suppliers and higher-ups.  

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