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Izaya Orihara uses this shogi board to plan and observe the actions of himself and others in Ikebukuro.


"God attacks! Hi-yah!" [Izaya] chirped, pounding oil from a lighter onto the board.

Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 02, page 594

Izaya often plays the customized game of Shogi (using Chess, Othello/Reversi, Shogi pieces, and cards) by himself, re-playing significant moments in Ikebukuro and speculating what will happen next. It gives him the appearance of a God who watches over the world and controls the actions of others.

While the game might appear complex, it follows quite a simple logic. In Durarara!! Light Novel Volume 02, Izaya arranges shogi pieces in three different formations on the triangular board, representing opposing sides: Anri's army of Saikas, Dollars, and Yellow Scarves. He selects Anri, Mikado, and Masaomi as kings, then burns the rest of the pieces and splatters them aside. He then switches to the playing cards as he starts considering "pawns that aren't his". He decides on Shizuo as a King, the highest-ranking playing card, while selecting Celty as a Queen. After that, Izaya gets bored and burns all the cards without deciding who the Joker will be.

The process of deciding pieces and making moves more resembles the game of a pyromaniac little boy with tanks and cars than an actual elaborate scheme. However, the game appears more complex in the anime, as Shingen was able to tell the meaning of the board and determine people the pieces represent at the first glance.


  • While Izaya knows the rules of chess, he ignores the ones he finds boring.[1]
    • When Izaya plays chess by himself, he promotes pawn to the king and checkmates it with another king, breaking two rules.
  • Izaya likes playing with pieces because it gives him an illusion that he is a God.[2]
  • In Durarara!! Relay Namie implies that Izaya has made the game so chaotic to make people think he is smart.
  • In the beginning of the Yellow Scarves Arc Izaya lights the board on fire, imagining the same fate for Ikebukuro as his plans are realized. He has obtained another board by the end of the arc.