Shizuo Nobusuma (野襖 志津夫, Nobusuma Shizuo) is an OVA-only character who, following a misunderstanding, begins to impersonate Shizuo Heiwajima. As the episode progresses, Nobusuma goes on to also impersonate both Kyouhei Kadota and Celty Sturluson.


Nobusuma is a chubby man with short brown, and black eyes. Nobusuma is first seen wearing a bartender suit with glasses atop his head.


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Nobusuma had been taking out the trash with his co-worker when they heard a commotion of a man being mugged by two thugs nearby. When the thugs heard his name, plus the fitting description, they mistook him as "The Shizuo Heiwajima" and ran away. Following this incident, Nobusuma begins researching any information regarding Shizuo. Impressed by what he finds, though not considering Shizuo a real threat, he begins pretending to be Shizuo himself in the hopes of extorting people for his own amusement and personal gain. However, unbeknownst to him, most of the people he encounters had already heard online about the 'fake Shizuo' and just play along under the assumption that Shizuo will "deal" with him later. He keeps this charade going until he encounters Shizuo, who sends him flying after he enrages him by continuously kicking Kasuka's car.

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Several days later, Nobusuma changes his appearance and begins to impersonate Kadota. However, this doesn't last long either as he quickly encounters the real one causing him to be beaten up by Kadota, Erika, and Walker. Despite being beat up by all those he chooses to impersonate, Nobusuma doesn't give up his charade. Several days later, he impersonates Celty as the Headless Rider, though this didn't go well either.

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