Don't give up on the hope!

–Shiri, Episode 8

Shiri (シュリ, Shuri) (sometimes romanized as Shirley) is a member of the Dollars. She is a young Russian woman (Italian in the English dub) who walks around with a writing pad around her neck. If somebody is looking for something, they write what they are looking for on a page of the writing pad in the hopes that whoever found what they are looking for will read it.


Dollars/Mika Harima ArcEdit

Shiri carries a 'Lost Stuff' sign around Ikebukuro, and it helps Mikado Ryuugamine, Walker Yumasaki, and Erika Karisawa. Celty also writes a message in it off-screen. Shiri later attends the first Dollars meeting.

Yellow Scarves ArcEdit

Shiri helps Anri run from the Yellow Scarves. She talks about the recent attacks and attempts to convince the others on the forum that if they work together, they can stop the attacks. She is shocked when Mikado announces the Dollars are disbanding.

Dollars and the Blue Squares ArcEdit

Shiri knocks out Kanazawa and assists in taking Rio Kamichika and her friends to safety.

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