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Shinjuku is a city ward in Tokyo and one of the capital's major commercial centers. It lies to the south of Ikebukuro, and several railway lines connect the two. Shinjuku houses a skyscraper district built of offices and upscale restaurants and hotels, a large urban park, and one of Tokyo's busiest entertainment and shopping areas that includes the city's redlight district. The Awakusu-kai have offices in Shinjuku, and it has been Izaya Orihara's home since he fled Ikebukuro prior to the start of the series.

Locations within Shinjuku[]

Izaya's apartment/office[]

Izaya's office

The exterior and interior of Izaya's apartment

Since being forced out of Ikebukuro prior to the story's start, Izaya has been living and receiving clients in his apartment in Shinjuku. His apartment is exceedingly spacious by Japanese standards. After the events of the Mika Harima arc, Namie Yagiri has been working in his office as his secretary.

LOVE Object[]

S1 E24 Love object

Izaya lying at the foot of the LOVE Object

The large red pop-art sculpture of the English word "LOVE" stands in the business district of Shinjuku and is a well-known meeting point and photo spot. In episode 24, Simon Brezhnev visits Shinjuku and delivers Izaya a punch that sends him flying into the sculpture.

Awakusu-kai offices[]

The yakuza syndicate has members working in several different parts of Tokyo. On a visit to Shinjuku in search of Izaya, Shizuo Heiwajima is framed for the brutal murder of several Awakusu subordinates after discovering the bodies of several members in one of the group's offices.