Shimada (嶋田, Shimada) is a member of the Dollars who sometimes hangs out with the van gang. Like Walker and Erika, he is a fan of Dengeki Bunko.


Little is known about Shimada except that he hung around Kyouhei while they were members of the Blue Squares, and they allowed Walker into their group to keep him under control. Since leaving the Blue Squares, Shimada has only been able to find part-time employment and tries to keep out of trouble with the law and major gangs. When Kyouhei received an anonymous invitation to join the Dollars, Shimada and the others persuaded him to join.


Dollars/Mika Harima ArcEdit

Shimada is first seen beating up and questioning one of Kaztano's kidnappers, who had been collected by the crew after Celty knocked him out during Kaztano's rescue. After hours of the kidnapper refusing to give up a name, Walker and Erika take over. Kyouhei intervenes and lies to get the kidnapper to talk. When the crew releases the kidnapper, Shimada calls Kyouhei's bluff and mentions that he is glad Kyouhei intervened, as he dislikes Walker and Erika's use of manga for torture.

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