Shibuya is a ward in Tokyo and one of the city's major commercial centers. It is a fashion and business hub housing half of Shinjuku Station, the busiest railway station in the world and the only station busier than Ikebukuro Station.

Locations within ShibuyaEdit

Yoyogi ParkEdit

S1 E04 Yoyogi Park1

Yoyogi Park in central Shibuya is one of the largest parks in Tokyo and one of the places Celty visits in episode 4 while searching for the portrait painter. She is told by Izaya that an artist there had been trying to draw a Dullahan that had lost its head. Celty walks around the park and inquires about him but is told he has moved on.


Yoyogi Park is misnamed 'Yoemi Park' in the English subs.

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