Ryuusei Takioka (瀧岡劉生, Takioka Ryūsei) is the manager of the Natsugawara Serpents baseball team, the head in management of the Summer Tile Stadium, and an employee in the Natsugawara Group.



Ryuusei is shown wearing a formal business suit with his hair slicked back.


He is a pompous, arrogant man who considers the baseball stadium he manages to be his 'theater' and everyone in it to be part of his play. He firmly believes he is the director, in which everything that happens in his stadium are events he decides, and anyone who tries to disrupt his play are enemies that need to be eliminated. Though, despite his claims that he respects human beings, he does not view them as the individuals they are nor does he consider their value. When faced with failure or betrayal he resorts to violent methods to reprimand them.


Ryuusei was the son of an elite family and started off in the lower levels of the Natsugawara Group before branching off and making his own faction and obtained the administrative position of the Natsugawara Stadium and its baseball team. Once he became in charge of the stadium, he used the interests from previous smuggling trades set up before him and the connections to that business to rise in power.


Receiving a report from the head of security, Michiaki Fudou, regarding the discovery of a body in the warehouse, Ryuusei and his team head to the scene to investigate what happened privately. He asks Fudou to check on their item to be sold on the black market before having Tamae look into the surveillance cameras for any footage of the culprit. While looking around the room, he spots a note from the culprit with the threat if he does not heed to their demands more victims would appear in the stadium. He tasks Tamae to watch the footage for any suspicious figures and potential areas that could be attacked and assigns Fudou to manage security and to capture and eliminate the culprit.

After they bring in a cleaning crew to dispose of the body, Tamae brings to his attention while checking surveillance that someone hacked into their server through her tablet. Just before she ejects them, Ryuusei instructs her to let them be and pretend they did not notice the break in, considering the possibility of the hacker to be the work of Amagi's murderer.

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