Ryo Takiguchi (滝口亮, Takiguchi Ryō) is a member of the Dollars and is in class 1-B at Raira Academy with Masaomi Kida and Rio Kamichika.


Ryo has mid-length brown hair and brown eyes. His usual attire consists of a standard Raira Academy uniform worn with the shirt open with a white t-shirt underneath. His casual clothing consists of a simple white hoodie and necklace.

He is shown to have a very laid-back personality, which is part of what drew him to the Dollars; he enjoys its lack of restrictions. He appears to be friendly and open, willingly offering advice to people he barely knows and explaining a very positive view of the Dollars despite the obviously shady nature of the gang. He also appears to show an interest in the harmonica and is regularly seen composing his own music on the school roof.


Dollars/Mika Harima ArcEdit

Ryo Takiguchi1

Ryo at the Dollars meeting

Due to Mikado's curiosity, Masaomi takes him to see Ryo on the roof, where the two ask him if the rumors about him being in the Dollars are true. Ryo is surprisingly open about his membership and explains how he only joined on a whim when he received an anonymous text. He goes on to explain that he regularly encounters Dollars members randomly on the street. Before he can go into too much detail, the bell rings and the three head off to class. He asks the two boys not to tell anyone about his membership. Later, in the anime, he is seen at the first Dollars meeting.

Yellow Scarves ArcEdit

As the conflict between the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars escalates, Ryo begins to get nervous over people finding out about his status as a Dollars member, even asking Mikado and Masaomi if they told anyone about it. Unfortunately, Ryo is chased and cornered on a bridge by Horada and his cohorts and is severely injured. News of the attack reaches the school quickly, and Mikado visits him in the hospital. Ryo fills Mikado in on what happened and asks if he is in the Dollars as well. The question catches Mikado off guard, causing him to panic as he denies involvement. Ryo believes him and bids Mikado farewell, mentioning that he's thinking of quitting the Dollars, as he doesn't want to get roped into a gang war and the safety in anonymity that he felt when he joined the Dollars is gone. Later, when Anri is being chased by Horada and other members of the Yellow Scarves, Ryo is seen offering a helping hand by knocking over a few boxes to stall her pursuers. He states online that he could not bring himself to quit the Dollars and is welcomed back to the site warmly by Kyouhei Kadota and other members.

In other mediaEdit

Durarara!! RelayEdit

He trips and accidentally smashes a stair railing. He is found injured by Masaomi and taken to the hospital.

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