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Russia Sushi is a restaurant owned by Denis. Simon Brezhnev is Denis' old friend and business partner, helping to attract customers by handing out flyers and waving signs. Many characters often go to Russia Sushi to eat and hold the place in high regard, even though its sushi is considered unorthodox.


Mika Harima Arc[]

Masaomi takes Mikado and Anri to eat there when Anri tells them about her missing friend Mika Harima. Simon assures them that the restaurant does not make sushi from humans. Noticing that Anri only looks more worried, Mikado and Masaomi rush Simon outside.

Drrr E08 sushi

Shinra's sushi, from left to right: fried chicken, cheese, mabo (mapo tofu), prosciutto, and cream cheese

In episode 8, when Shinra and Celty go for dinner, the restaurant is out of fish, and they are served "special" plates of sushi for a "good price." The ingredients "shouldn't be made into sushi," according to Shinra.

Yellow Scarves Arc[]

Masaomi and the van gang go to Russia Sushi to discuss the rising tensions between the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves. Their meeting shows that the restaurant does serve some types of regular sushi, including nagiri.

During their meeting, Denis is unafraid to damage the walls of the building by throwing a knife through the group and embedding it in the opposite wall, warning them to take their discussion of gangs and fighting outside and away from the restaurant's customers.


Simon advertising

Simon promoting business