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Kasuka Heiwajima[]

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Durarara2 03-04

Ruri threatens to kill Kasuka

Ruri and Kasuka first meet following Ruri's altercation with Shizuo Heiwajima. Still in her serial killer Hollywood costume, her unconscious, heavily injured body lands in front of Kasuka's car in a desolate alleyway. Kasuka decides to ferry her to his apartment rather than a hospital. Once there, he contacts Shinra Kishitani to treat Ruri in order to avoid exposing her identity. Ruri is initially hostile and distrustful of Kasuka, but she warms up to him when she realizes that his concern is genuine.

When the two decide to become a couple, it is initially meant to be a temporary ruse in order to rile up the reporters who surround the entrance to Kasuka's apartment as a way to keep the Nebula employees pursuing Ruri from getting close.

Ruri had intended to tell Kasuka the story of her family and then commit suicide. Kasuka picks up on this sentiment and refuses to hear Ruri's story because he does not want Ruri to go through with it. They decide to continue their relationship and begin to grow closer to one another, with Ruri even deciding to work at Kasuka's acting studio.

Kasuka and Ruri

When Kasuka first offers aid to Ruri, he does so out of a sense of responsibility, due to the fact that it was his brother who had injured her, as well as the sense of chivalry that he adheres to. As their relationship continues, he begins to show a protective streak where she is concerned.

Ruri is initially perplexed by Kasuka's nature and is intrigued as to how he stays so emotionless and detached on the outside yet is able to emanate so much emotion when he acting on camera. This appears to be the quality she admires most about him and is what draws her to him as they spent more time together.

Shizuo Heiwajima[]

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Kasuka Ruri Shizuo

Ruri and Kasuka visit Shizuo at his workplace

Since Shizuo was able to defeat her so easily in a fight, Ruri has developed a sense of trepidation toward him. Kasuka seems to be understanding since Shizuo has this kind of effect on almost everyone.