Raira General Hospital is a hospital affiliated with Raira Academy. It is the home of Saki Mikajima for the two years she is hospitalized.


More than a year prior to the start of the series, Blue Squares leader Ran Izumii abducted Saki Mikajima for her connection to the boss of the Yellow Scarves - her boyfriend, Masaomi Kida. He and the other Blue Squares executives broke her legs, and she was rescued from further harm by the van gang. They brought her to Raira General, and without a family to bring her home, she stayed there for the next two years, recovering and refusing to walk. Early on, the van gang and Izaya Orihara would visit her. From the window of her room, 3-1, she could see Masaomi stand outside the hospital, unable to bring himself to come in and see her.


Saika ArcEdit

After Shuuji Niekawa is attacked by the slasher, he wakes up in the hospital. Confused and missing pieces of his memory, but intent on finding and slashing Anri Sonohara, he leaves the hospital abruptly. That night, after recovering from her confrontation with Haruna Niekawa, Anri is admitted to the hospital, where Masaomi and Mikado Ryuugamine visit her the next day.

Yellow Scarves ArcEdit

Masaomi visits Saki's hospital room, and after a short conversation, is driven away by the guilt he feels for his past inaction and his disgust for her unwavering devotion to Izaya. Days later, when the former Blue Squares infiltrate the Yellow Scarves and a fight breaks out between the two groups, Masaomi is badly injured. Kyouhei Kadota and Saburo Togusa break away from the fighting to take him to a hospital, and he asks to be taken to Raira General, where he had left a girl waiting. Shortly after, he and Saki leave the hospital and city together.

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