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There are three types of Prism Connect card: character, event, and scene. The card type is indicated in English in the upper left corner. Additionally, character cards are vertical, while event and scene cards are horizontal. Most images are stills from the anime or promotional posters, though some cards feature original studio artwork with a beach, fantasy, or summer festival theme.

Prism Connect cards are printed only in Japanese, and only some words, including card type, cost, and rank, are in English. Cards can be red, yellow, green, or blue, but the card's color does not affect its ability. Each commercial card's number and rarity can be found in the bottom right corner. Card rarity is represented by a symbol; for some series, this shows up as stars. The Durarara!! cards use diamonds to indicate rarity:

  • ♢♢♢♢ - Super Rare (SR)
  • ♢♢♢ - Rare (R)
  • ♢♢ - Uncommon (U)
  • ♢ - Common (C)

Commercial cards[]

PR cards[]

PR cards were released for a Prism Connect Durarara!! one-day event in September 2011. All contestants received the PR-001 card featuring Shizuo, and winners received the PR-003 card featuring Masaomi and Mikado.