Max Sandshelt (マックス サンドシェルト, Max Sandshelt) is the manager of the Japanese branch of Jack O'Lantern, an American talent agency, and Kasuka Heiwajima's agent.



Max has fair skin, blonde hair with prominent dark sideburns, and dresses in a white suit in a manner that is warranting a comparison between him and a "typical Hollywood villain."


Max is a rambunctious and flamboyant man. While his appearance may make him look unreliable, he has the proper techniques and social skills required to obtain the position as manager and is considered skilled at his job.

His personality is similar to that of a child in that he is very rowdy and very blunt at the same time. His personality often off-puts his subordinates because he seems very starry-eyed and unreliable. His constant enthusiasm tires out his co-workers, and they often share complaints with each other.


Hollywood ArcEdit

Hoping to recruit the Black Rider to his agency, he declares a bounty on Celty so he can find out more about her.


  • His Japanese voice actor is Masaya Onosaka, who voiced Isaac Dian in Baccano!
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