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Kururi Orihara[]

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Mairu and Kururi have been shown to have a very close and incestuous love for one another although Mairu appears to be the most outspoken about it. The two of them are rarely seen apart from each other and always make decisions on everything together from fashion to personality traits. The two of them even decided to have opposite IRL and Online personalities. While Mairu is usually the most talkative of the two in real life, online she is usually very quiet, saying little more than a word or two during conversations. However, these few additions to the chat room conversations that she makes are usually some form of innuendo.

Izaya Orihara[]

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Due to their parents usually being overseas for work, Izaya ended up practically raising the twins himself and says he feels guilty because he believes they turned out abnormally because of his influence. He claims that he never knew how to deal with them - a trait that they seem to share only with Shizuo Heiwajima - and that he finds them unlovable, even as humans, because of their oddness. He claims that if even he can't love them, then no one possibly could.

The twin's relationship with their older sibling is a fairly stable one. Surprisingly, they are among the few people who can actually annoy him, as he said he never knew how to deal with them while they were growing up. Despite Izaya's mild irritation with them, they seem to get along well whenever they talk however the twins have openly stated that they wouldn't mind Izaya getting injured or killed in some way (especially if it would somehow get them to meet their idol: Yuuhei Hanejima) which would imply that they are indifferent towards Izaya. However, at the end of Volume 09, Mairu admits that if Izaya does get killed she and Kururi would still feel sad before laughing.

Aoba Kuronuma[]

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While the twins and Aoba get along fine, Mairu's specific relationship with him is a bit of an odd topic. While Mairu does kiss Aoba immediately after Kururi does, it's very clear that the only reason she is interested in him is that Kururi is interested as well. Aoba, while perplexed, doesn't appear to mind this and seems to accept it with very little protest. It can be speculated that she and Kururi might like Aoba due to his similar personality to Izaya, the brother who raised them, and a need to earn his approval.

Kuon Kotonami[]

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Mairu quickly became fascinated with Kuon due to his unique appearance. When he told Yahiro to ignore her and said she was less attractive than Kururi, she put him in a hold.