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Saburo Togusa[]

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Kyouhei and Saburo met as enemies, but became friends after Kyouhei saved Saburo from Purple Gamble members. The two of them seem to be very close to one another seeing as how when Kaztano was kidnapped, Kyouhei was willing to go out of his way to save him simply for Saburo's sake (although Kaztano and Kyouhei were also good friends as well).

Walker Yumasaki and Erika Karisawa[]

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Main article: Erika Karisawa

Walker and Erika have both displayed fierce loyalty towards Kyouhei on several occasions such as when they betrayed the Blue Squares. While Kyouhei sometimes gets annoyed at their strange antics, he is still very caring and protective of his friends. In many ways, Kyouhei is actually the only one that can rein in Walker and Erika when they start to go overboard whether it's about their anime obsession or when they take a step too far in torturing someone. When Kyouhei was run over and sent into a coma in volume 10, it sends both Walker and Erika into a rage, causing the former to tear through various leads just to find the attacker. It is unknown how they met although it is hinted that Kyouhei managed to help them turn their lives around in some way. It is implied in various side stories that Erika may actually have feelings for Kyouhei but these are never addressed in the main series.

Chikage Rokujou[]

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While their initial meeting was less than cordial, both Chikage and Kyouhei developed a strong friendship during their fight in the Raira practice fields (on an unrelated note, it also provided Erika with another source for Yaoi). Although the two of them never had much contact after the aforementioned fight, Chikage still felt the need to visit his friend in the hospital after Kyouhei was attacked also wanting to find any leads as to the whereabouts of his assailant.