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Mairu Orihara[]

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Kururi and Mairu have been very close since birth to the point where the twins share an incestuous love for one another (however Kururi has shown much more caution about how much affection they show each other, especially when in public). The two of them are rarely ever seen apart and always make decisions together about everything. The two even decided their personalities together, flipping a coin to decide who would be the loud one and who would be the quiet one. It is worth noting that online, their personalities are switched. In Kururi's case, she is the most talkative of the twins when chatting online. She would frequently go on long tangents with extreme detail about almost every subject that comes up while also keeping Mairu in line when she mentions a vulgar joke.

Izaya Orihara[]

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Both Kururi and Mairu share a fairly stable bond with their brother that may actually be the closest thing to a normal relationship that Izaya has. While they don't have any problems with their brother, they aren't above selling Izaya out to Shizuo if they think it will get them a reward of some kind in the process. This would imply that they are indifferent toward Izaya; however, this is somewhat contradicted at the end of volume 9 when Mairu states that if Izaya does get killed, they would feel sad (although they would still laugh about it later). Between the two, Kururi seems to be nicer toward Izaya; she chides Mairu (albeit apathetically) on her reaction to Izaya being stabbed, also asking if he is all right after Mairu attempts to kick him when he came by the dojo they practice at, and showing great concern over his bruised hand when Mairu pointed it out. She also appears to be more affectionate toward him as well; a prominent example is when the siblings are walking together, she hugs his arm tightly.

Aoba Kuronuma[]

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Kururi first spots Aoba in class

It is implied that Kururi developed feelings for Aoba due to him saving her from bullies during class, but she denies this when it is brought up. Aoba is frequently seen hanging out with her and Mairu, much to the jealousy of his underlings, and behaves in a much friendlier manner toward them than anyone else. Aoba is not sure if he likes Kururi in return, though he has admitted from time to time that he prefers her over Mairu.

While he doesn't completely reciprocate Kururi's feelings for him, he does see her and her sister as friends and wishes to stay connected to them in some way so as to avoid being a complete recluse like their brother.