Koshino (越野, Koshino) is a subordinate of the Futsuku Group in Bunokura. Although he is considered an underling, he also has people who work beneath him.


Koshino pays Sasazaki for information regarding the recent murder of Ryuuichi Adamura and how they would cover up the story. Weary of Sasazaki's behavior, he keeps an eye on him while the Adamura and the Kiyojima families are having a dispute.

Weeks later, he approaches Sasazaki again to question his recent activities and receives a warning from him that the real culprit behind Ryuuichi's murder may appear soon and he should get out of town while he still can. Koshino is last seen watching the explosions go off at the Bunokura mine, though it can be assumed he is rounded up by the local police along with the other Futsuku Group members in the end.

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