Kine (黄根, Kine) is a freelance detective and a former executive of the Awakusu-kai. Kine is simply an alias, and his given name is unknown.



Kine is a bald man of average build. He is usually seen wearing a black business suit and sunglasses.


He is a fairly quiet individual who behaves in a professional manner. Due to his profession as a detective, it can be assumed that he is perceptive and proficient at analyzing others. He is shown to be competent in a fight, and he uses a stun gun when necessary. He is also a heavy smoker.


Kine is the one who first introduced Izaya Orihara to the Awakusu and is the person who jumpstarted Izaya's career as an information broker. He first met Izaya while driving by Raira academy. His car is suddenly stopped when he gets caught in the middle of one of Izaya's and Shizuo's fights. Somehow, he manages to break it up and resolve the conflict peacefully (at least until it started up again the next day). At some point after that incident, Izaya eventually won Kine's favor and he introduced him to the Awakusu which effectively made them one of Izaya's first customers. From then on, Kine was the person who would work out dealings with Izaya when the Awakusu had work for him. After Kine's departure, this responsibility is handed down to Shiki. At some point later, Kine began work as a freelance detective, although he states he's willing to do any job so long as the customer pays him.

The details and reasons behind Kine's separation from the Awakusu are unclear.


Adabashi ArcEdit

He joins Izaya's alliance.

Dragon Zombie ArcEdit

He helps take over the gang Zombie Dragon.

Kadota's Coma ArcEdit

In a conversation between Kazamoto and Shiki, Shiki tells Kazamoto not to bring up Kinnosuke Yumeji's name so lightly, as he was the one who caused Kine to be kicked out of the organization.

Saving Izaya/ Haruna is back ArcEdit

He surrounds Slon with Mikage and a couple of Dragon Zombie members. He manages to dodge Sloan's attacks and got Izaya out of Sloan's reach.

Final Curtain ArcEdit

Kine is hiding in the Russia Sushi place with Tom, Simon, and Denis while Saika's children are crowding the windows trying to get into the Russia sushi restaurant.


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