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Izaya's Alliance is a group that formed a temporary alliance under the banner of Izaya Orihara for the sake of taking revenge or action against multiple individuals and groups, primarily the Dollars.



Izaya forms the alliance in the wake of his stabbing at the hands of Jinnai Yodogiri and convalescence. The details of how he recruited the majority of the members remain unclear; however, it is known he recruited Haruna by promising to reunite her with Takashi Nasujima. Slon joins to keep tabs on Izaya on behalf of the Awakusu-kai.

Izaya's first act as leader is to invite the entire alliance to a hotpot party.

When Izaya is kidnapped by Earthworm and Amphisbaena, he remains silent throughout Earthworm's attempt to interrogate him via waterboarding. The interrogation is interrupted when Hiroto Shijima arrives with Heaven's Slave; both Hiroto and Earthworm simultaneously receive a phonemail from someone who, via a voice modifier, suggests the captive is not Izaya. Once they confirm the captive is indeed Izaya, by removing the sack over his head, the Alliance attacks. Haruna uses Saika to control the Saika Army soldiers belonging to the two groups while Mikage and Ran attack the rest; Mikage prevents Ran from sexually assaulting Earthworm. Afterwards, Haruna asks see Takashi and fails to possess Izaya.

Celty later meets with Izaya and inquires into his hiring Dragon Zombie; Izaya assures her he has merely recruited the gang to run errands and act as bodyguards.

After figuring out the truth behind Yodogiri—that there are multiple Yodogiris, and the real mastermind behind them is Kasane Kujiragi—Izaya has Haruna kill off the fake Yodogiris via her Saika children. However, he is caught off guard when Slon—under Saika's control—attacks and captures him not long after. Slon knocks out the Dragon Zombie men who attempt to attack him before driving off; Kine witnesses him leave and alerts Mikage to the situation.

Kine and Mikage track Slon to one of Kujiragi's hideouts and are able to knock Slon out, a feat which Kine calls 'easy' only due to Slon's possessed state. Upon Kine's observation Izaya is only pretending to be unconscious, Izaya rises and instructs the remnants of the Alliance to wait for Kujiragi. Kujiragi fails to show, so Kine tells Izaya to have himself checked out at a hospital; Izaya agrees, though he laughs off Kine's concern. At this point, Mikage notes no one is actually listening to Izaya's orders.

Manami meanwhile asks for and receives Celty's head from Haruna, who just so happens to have it. Without hesitation, Manami proceeds to toss the head in a bush for the sake of 'messing' with Izaya; the head is taken into police custody, and Haruna abandons the Alliance to pursue Anri Sonohara's Saika.

Kine and Mikage later meet with Izaya in his apartment, and Izaya explains he has deployed Dragon Zombie to monitor the situation with Celty and Kujiragi. Where Kine chastises Izaya for breaking his 'toys', Mikage shouts at Izaya for toying with everyone and demands to know why he still seems happy despite the Alliance having fallen apart. She nonetheless accompanies him once he leaves, and later acts as his guard to prevent interference during his fight tot he death with Shizuo. The guard appointment proves prudent when Kujiragi and Vorona arrive; Mikage fends them off until they depart.

Meanwhile, Manami hacks Izaya's computer and copies his entire hard drive to give to Yodogiri. However, she encounters an injured Shinra when she arrives at the apartment; as she comes to Shinra's aid, she asks him what hurts Izaya.

Izaya receives a brutal beating by Shizuo and a stabbing by Vorona, but Simon Brezhnev intervenes before Izaya can be killed. When Izaya regains consciousness, he finds himself in a car with Kine at the helm; Kine explains Manami brought Izaya to the vehicle to ensure she would be around to witness his death. When Kine adds he is taking Izaya to an underground doctor, Izaya agrees to cooperate so long as Kine takes him outside the city—where Shizuo will be nowhere near Izaya's deathbed.

It has been confirmed that Izaya had had contact with Kine, Mikage, and Manami in the two years following his departure from Ikebukuro.