Higa is a member of the Yellow Scarves a follower of Horada. He is a former member of the Blue Squares and is a part of the Saika Army.



Higa is a large, broad-shouldered man with square features, small eyes, dark skin, and buzzed, dyed blond hair. He has a lip and eyebrow piercing. He wears a gold chain necklace with a yellow collared shirt and a black jacket.


Higa is a lackey, obeying orders from Horada and other higher-ups within the Blue Squares and Yellow Scarves. He is a bully who shows bravado while in a pack but is easily intimidated by those stronger than he is, even if they are much smaller than he.


When he was a member of the Blue Squares, Higa was in the parking garage where Ran Izumii, Horada and other members of the gang were holding Saki. He and the others ran when Walker threw molotov cocktails inside the van.


Saika ArcEdit

Higa is introduced with Horada when they are messing with Shingen, making fun of the older man's bizarre appearance. Higa notices Celty's shadows and runs away, frightened. Later, he and the rest of Horada's group of thugs are shown staring at Celty on a street corner when she is giving Shizuo a ride. When Shizuo confronts them, Horada and the others realize too late who the "bartender" is as Shizuo proceeds to beat up the group.

Yellow Scarves ArcEdit

During a meeting at the Yellow Scarves' hideout, Higa sides with Horada in favor of beating up Dollars members. When the Yellow Scarves are chasing Anri, he gets locked in a hallway by Kaztano and Hashim. After catching Anri, he is thrown in the air by Shizuo. He is with Horada when they shoot Shizuo.

During the battle between the Dollars and the Yellow Scarves he takes Horada's gun and runs away. Horada and the others knowingly leave him in the chaos at the hideout as they escape. Higa gives the gun to Izaya. Later it is revealed that he is controlled by Saika. After following him to Izaya, Anri asks him to live a normal life and sends him home.

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