Ginichirou Kuzuhara is a police officer in Ikebukuro and a member of the Kuzuhara family, a large family with most of its members in the police force.


Ginichirou Kuzuhara character sheet

Ginichirou's character sheet


Ginichirou is a middle-aged man with a stern face and brown hair that flips out below his cap. He wears rectangular glasses and a police uniform with a radio on his left shoulder.


Ginichirou is a dutiful police officer who takes his job of protecting the public seriously. He does not exhibit the recklessness shown in his younger brother, Kinnosuke, and instead has a calm, kindhearted demeanor. As a veteran member of the police force, he works with a younger partner who follows his lead.


Saika ArcEdit

Ginichirou is first seen warning Anri Sonohara that she should not be out late at night. He offers to walk her home but is interrupted by a call over his radio summoning him to a fight in East Ikebukuro Central Park, where Shizuo is beating up Horada and his cronies. Ginichirou suggests Anri wait at the police box, and he and his partner rush to their cruiser.


  • Ginichirou's son attends Raira Academy and is in class 1-A along with Anri and Mikado Ryuugamine.
  • Japanese voice actor Keiji Fujiwara is the voice of Ginichirou, his brother Kinnosuke, and the narrator of the first season.
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