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He had been waiting all through the day... for the person who would be coming to kill him.

Rio Kamichika

"Love Thy Enemy" is the first episode of Durarara!!x2 Ten and the fortieth episode overall of the Durarara!! anime.


Izaya wakes up the day after his stabbing. The police have found the knife in his pocket, making Izaya decide to escape the hospital that night. He asks the nurse if his stabbing had been reported on the news and is informed that the incident was reported on nationwide television. Izaya tries to fend off his boredom by calling his friend Shinra, only to get hung up on. He goes back to his room and ponders to himself who had seen the news and would come to kill him.

Meanwhile, various other characters are seen going throughout their normal day such as Tom and Shizuo going out collecting debt, and Seiji and Mika going out on dates. There are other clips for future scenes going on at the same time, including a confrontation between Namie and Mika, Akane being dropped off at Rakuei Gym, Akabayashi meeting Anri in front of Sonohara Hall, and more. Around the same time, Shingen and Seitarou Yagiri hold a meeting in a car where they discuss Nebula, Celty's head, and Jinnai Yodogiri. Shingen warns Seitarou to be weary of Jinnai before dropping Seitarou off.

Later in the dead of night, Izaya is about to fall asleep when he hears footsteps approaching his room. He sits up, excited to see who came for him and is surprised to see a girl he does not recognize.

Character Debuts[]

Cultural References[]

  • An advertisement for the series Aldnoah.Zero can be seen on a billboard next to the Ikebukuro Parco building.


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