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"The Ladies' Man Has Neither Money Nor Power" is the eighth episode of Durarara!!x2 Shou and the thirty-fifth episode overall of the Durarara!! anime.


Away from Ikebukuro, Masaomi Kida worries about his friend. His misgivings seemingly end up coming true when Aoba Kuronuma shows up at Mikado’s door. As Mikado stands bewildered by a sudden visit from his junior, Aoba reveals a certain proposal to him… Meanwhile, Akane Awakusu, the young girl who wishes Shizuo dead, speaks candidly about her intent. And Chikage Rokujou, the Toramaru leader, in his quest to exact revenge from the Dollars, sets his sights on a certain someone…

Character Appearances[]

In order of appearance, excluding the opening song:


  • Aoba: "Not only are we Dollars. We also have another name. You've heard of the Blue Squares, haven't you?"
  • Shizuo: "Izaya-kun is actually a friend of mine but we had a little misunderstanding! I'm going over there right now to make up with him!"
  • Vorona: "I like Ikebukuro. Half despair. Half jealousy. A dash of hope. In other words, that's love."
  • Aoba: "Leader... I'm not asking you to become the leader of the Dollars. That would ruin the founding principle of the Dollars. So what I'm asking is that I'd like you to become the leader of the Blue Squares!"
  • Shinra: "That Izaya... has he really become that bored of living?"
  • Aoba: "Thanks to them, my Ikebukuro tour with Mikado-senpai and Anri-senpai was ruined. So I did it out of spite? Or don't you like that reason?"
  • Chikage: "My name's Chikage Rokujou. And hey, I only came to pay back the fight that was sold to me. You can keep the change. Just take it in full!"


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