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"A Crow in the Dark Night" is the sixth episode of Durarara!!x2 Shou and the thirty-third episode overall of the Durarara!! anime.


Celty is suddenly under attack. What in the world could her attacker be after? Unaware of what’s happened to Celty, Shinra Kishitani waits for her at home, only to have Shizuo show up with a young girl in tow. It is revealed Shiki hired Celty to find his bosses' granddaughter Akane Awakusu, who is the same girl that is with Shizuo right now. Celty decides to search for Akane. Jinnai hires Slon and Vorona to kidnap Akane. An unknown individual breaks into Anri's apartment.

Character Debuts[]

Character Appearances[]

In order of appearance, excluding the opening song:

Cultural References[]

  • Slon mentions a shop called Sukiyaki, a parody of the Japanese restaurant chain Sukiya.


  • For their chat room handles, Mairu and Kururi use kanji characters with the same readings as the beginnings of their names. In the novels, their usernames are Mai (参) and Kuru (狂), respectively. These kanji characters have more common alternate readings, however, and in the anime, the other characters read Mairu's handle as "San" while Kururi's character is read "Kyou."


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