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Durarara!! x Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens is a crossover light novel written by Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens author Chiaki Kisaki. It takes place during the events of Durarara!!x4.


Ikebukuro, Tokyo. The strongest killers from Hakata arrive in the city of Ikebukuro where unique individuals gather!

Zenji Banba and his partner Xianming Lin come to visit Tokyo City to see a baseball game when an unfortunate predicament leaves them with none of their possessions and money. Needing to make quick money, they take the request to hunt down a bounty hunter. Along their adventure in the ward of Ikebukuro they encounter the local residents, from the normal average high schooler or rowdy bounty hunters to the city legends that are the mischievous informant from Shinjuku and a super-human man in a bartender uniform.

Chapter Listing[]

  • Prologue: Ikebukuro Dual
  • Chapter 1: The Wandering Hakatans
  • Chapter 2: The Two Bounty Hunters
  • Chapter 3: Outlaws Everywhere
  • Chapter 4: UNINVITED
  • Chapter 5: Batting
  • Chapter 6: The Man Who Killed the Executive Candidate?
  • Chapter 7: WANTED - The Wild Bunch Group
  • Chapter 8: Continuation - Ikebukuro Dual
  • Chapter 9: For a Few Yen More
  • Epilogue: Hero Interview
  • Extra Inning



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