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I love a three-sided standoff. When you gaze down on the board from above, it makes you feel as though you're a god. It's a very refreshing sensation.

Izaya Orihara

I Love a Three-Sided Standoff is the first chapter of the Durarara!! Yellow Scarves Arc manga.


The story starts with Izaya Orihara playing his board game. The news is talking about the "Night of the Ripper" when 50 people were attacked by the slasher. In Anri's hospital room, Mikado comments on the police not catching the slasher, and Masaomi turns off the TV in anger. Mikado asks Anri if her wounds are feeling better, and she replies that they are fine. Jokingly hitting on her, Masaomi tells her that if he could stay with her 24/7, he would have stopped the slasher. Just after, he receives a text and leaves.

In their van, the van gang is talking about the Night of the Ripper and notes the growing number of youth seen wearing yellow scarves.

Still playing his board game, Izaya says that the Yellow Scarves, the slasher, and the Dollars are now all mixed together. There are victims of the slasher in both the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars. Namie asks about the Yellow Scarves' founder, a middle-schooler, and Izaya mentions that their relationship is poor.

In a warehouse in another part of the city, Masaomi asks the Yellow Scarves not to ask him to come back to the gang. He tells the gang members that he is a regular high-schooler. The members inform him that they suspect the slasher might be in the Dollars.

In his office, Izaya lights a match and burns his board game in excitement. He looks through a deck of cards and relates them to influential residents of Ikebukuro before throwing them in the fire.

In the warehouse, Masaomi is unable to forgive the slasher for attacking Anri and destroying his peaceful life. He angrily swears to crush the slasher and the Dollars too, if the slasher is among them, and rages that the slasher brought him back to the Yellow Scarves.