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Durarara!! SH x4 is the fourth light novel of the SH series.


It is a year and a half since the demise of the Dollars. At the antique shop Sonohara Hall at the corner of Ikebukuro, the new Raira trio gather before the owner, Anri Sonohara. And there is one character who approaches her wishing to purchase Saika off of her. Shortly after a suspicious character breaks into Sonohara Hall. Anri's news comes in to Celty Sturluson, who has restarted her courier career and has taken a new, odd job. Celty visits, concerned for her friend when other figures involved with Saika starting from Mizuki Akabayashi begin to make their appearance. And the mystery behind the ruckus over Saika is - !?

Chapter Listing[]

  • Prologue: Bargain Sale
  • Chapter 1: Welcome
  • Intermission: A Black Business 1
  • Chapter 2: What Would You Like to Buy?
  • Intermission: A Black Business 2
  • Chapter 3: We Do Not Stock That Item.
  • Intermission: A Black Business 3
  • Chapter 4: Dear Customer! We Will Call the Police.
  • Epilogue: Dear Customer, You are Hereby Banned from This Store.