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Durarara!! SHx3 is the third light novel of the Durarara!! SH series.


"It’s a good thing to be fanatical toward each other. Very good. Even if the law and society are against it, I will accept you. So don’t worry—go wild out there. Love others; hate others; be perfectly indifferent. Each of those choices is equal, and each has great value."

A year and a half has passed since the end of the Dollars, and now a series of assaults has the streets in a frenzy. The culprit? Someone cosplaying a character from an anime set in Ikebukuro! Meanwhile, Yahiro’s group has started solving local squabbles under the moniker “Snake Hands.” Their latest clients are Yumasaki and Karisawa, who want them to find the costumed assailant. This string of incidents also reminds the Headless Rider of the terror wrought by a certain slasher not too long ago… When people become consumed by their own obsessions, are extreme fans and extreme haters really all that different? Ikebukuro is about to find out!

Chapter Listing[]

No. Title
Prologue Let's Take One Giant Leap
1 Welcome to Snake Hands
2 Let's Live on the Straight and Narrow
3 Protect Our Ikebukuro
4 Keep Going, Leave It to Me
Epilogue Epilogue