Where there's smoke, there's fire. Yet you brought him aboard, boss. And now you're cutting him loose.

Shu Aozaki

Fantasy and Reality of Younger Days is the sixteenth chapter of the Durarara!! Re;Dollars manga series covering the Daily Life Arc.


Akabayashi interrogates men distributing drugs in one of the establishments on the Awakusu-kai's turf. After detaining them, Akabayashi is heading to his next destination when Aozaki calls him, informing him of Akane's odd behavior. He meets with Akane the next day, having been asked to come see her. Mikiya later presses Akabayashi about what they talked about, but Akabayashi fibs it slightly, telling him she asked him how she could get stronger when she actually asked how she could learn to kill someone. Nonetheless, Akabayashi informs Mikiya that he would introduce her to a gym so she could learn self-defense.

Elsewhere, Dougen Awakusu and Aozaki discuss Akabayashi's past and how Dougen brought Akabayashi under them despite the rumors of him murdering his past employer.

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