It's been over a year since I last saw Seiji. I suppose we've both had dreams to tide us over. I've been having a nightmare, and you've had a brief dream of ephemeral pleasures.

Namie Yagiri

Love is Twisted and Thorny is the fifteenth chapter of the Durarara!! Re;Dollars manga series covering the Daily Life Arc.


Namie sees the news report on Izaya's stabbing on national TV. Figuring she has time off with her employer out of commission, she decides to use the opportunity to check up on her brother Seiji and deal with Mika Harima once and for all.

The pair in question are out in the city, heading to the movies on a date when they run into Mikado. Mikado seems overly optimistic despite his physical condition. Seiji finds the behavior odd but does not speak up. Meanwhile, Namie meets up with Mairu and Kururi to hear their report on Seiji and Mika's relationship. Upon learning that the two are on a first name basis - when Seiji has never called her familiarly by name - Namie grows furious and calls Mika to meet her in a warehouse. Mika agrees, lying to Seiji as to not worry him.

The two meet up, both with weapons on their person - Namie planning to mess up the face Seiji adores while Mika brought a spade in hopes of finding Celty's head, wanting to consume it. Namie manages to inject Mika with a muscle relaxant and is about to drop solution over her face when MIka suddenly lists off the identities of the users in the chat room and what roles they play in the recent events. Namie is taken aback by this and commends her, but just before she could harm Mika, Seiji stops his sister and successfully rescues Mika.

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