I always thought I was afraid of the Dollars and this city changing and leaving me behind. How delusional. I was never caught up to this extraordinary city to begin with.

Mikado Ryuugamine

It Takes a Thief to Stab a Thief is the fourteenth chapter of the Durarara!! Re;Dollars manga series concluding the Akane Arc.


Shiki meets with Mikiya Awakusu and informs him that he sent word of Shizuo Heiwajima's innocence. He verifies with Mikiya of the set up with the murders and learns Akabayashi and Aozaki have been sent to handle Vorona and Slon. The two in question easily incapacitate the hitmen, taking Slon into their custody for questioning and giving Vorona to Denis and Simon under the request of her father.

Meanwhile, Mikado - after his confrontation with Chikage, who dismisses him off - returns to the Blue Squares to tell them his decision. He decides to take Aoba's offer and become their leader. He prompts Aoba to sign a contract to make it official, but much to Aoba's surprise the contract was blank. Moments later, Mikado stabs his hand with a pen, reprimanding him for getting his friend caught up in the crossfire with the gangs.

Outside of Ikebukuro, Izaya Orihara is finishing a phone call with a client, hearing of the events that has transpired. As he strolls through the street, he receives a call from an unknown man, who expresses annoyance with Izaya's meddling. Unexpectedly, one of the passerby is the man he is speaking to over the phone, who stabs Izaya as he passes him. Izaya collapses, and as he loses consciousness he hears the man introduce himself as Jinnai Yodogiri.

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