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Durarara!! Re;Dollars Arc 08 is the eighteenth volume of the Durarara!! manga. It continues adapting material from the series' final story arc.


Dotachin has been hospitalized after a hit-and-run, but Izaya insists he had nothing to do with it, or with Ryuugamine and Kida. Meanwhile, Celty's head has been left in Ikebukuro and winds up on live TV![1]


No. Title
70 Tightrope
71 The Hesitater
72 Monsters
73 Visions
74 Reset
75 A Reason to Fight
76 Setting Sun
77 Saika and Cat Burglar
78 The Good, the Bad, and Saika
79 Ironclad Tastes
80 Deadfall
81 Head, Head, On the Wall...
82 Saika's Child's Child
83 The Pillager
84 Here's Your Question.
85 The World Inside the Painting



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