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Durarara!! Re;Dollars Arc 07 is the seventeenth volume of the Durarara!! manga. It continues adapting material from volume 10.[1]


Dotachin was the victim of a hit-and-run. So say the latest rumors running rampant through the town of Ikebukuro. And when rumors take on life of their own, chaos and confusion rule the roost! Those suspected of the crime, those who avenge crime, those who exploit crime-ambition and desire spiral out of control while the mystery of the Dotachin incident has yet to be resolved!!![2]


No. Title
56 A Drawn Bow
57 I Don't Need Anything
58 Red Little Me
59 Social Media Trap
60 A Lukewarm Bath
61 Parental Affection
62 Imagination vs. Hammer
63 In Deep
64 The Treacherous Woman
65 Police Station
66 Head Panic!
67 For Whom The...
68 The Fruit of Revival
69 Unprescribed Medicine



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