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Durarara!! Re;Dollars Arc 06 is the sixteenth volume of the Durarara!! manga. It covers the rest of the ninth light novel and begins adapting material from volume 10.[1]


Mikado is determined to clean up the Dollars and restore the gang's reputation, but Kida has other plans... The criss-crossing schemes and players of Ikebukuro clash![2]


No. Title
43 A Price to Be Paid
44 Caught Man and Hot Man
45 Black Lightning
46 Who's Who!?
47 The Way of the Fixer
48 People are Biological
49 King of the Biology Room
50 No Time Limit to Revenge
51 Inaudible Footsteps
52 What's Beyond a Mind Made Up!?
53 Stick Your Nose in That Business!
54 Illegal Moves Are Bad Moves
55 Ikebukuro in Confusion



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