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Durarara!! Re;Dollars Arc 04 is the fourteenth volume of the Durarara!! manga and the second volume of the Hollywood arc.


Shizuo Heiwajima is brought into a fight between a Russian murder-machine and a costumed serial killer and settles it. His younger brother, Kasuka, finds the heavily injured serial killer and identifies pop idol Ruri Hijiribe, getting her help from an underground doctor he knows.


No. Title
21 The Hunter Becomes the Game?
22 A Dark Heart And a Black Heart
23 The Singing Target!
24 The Kishitanis' Living Room Council
25 The Ups and Downs of Being a Monster
26 Fighting Wonderland!!
27 Beautiful Monster
28 Prelude to Despair for Kasu-Ruri Fans!
29 The Masks We Wear on Our Hearts
30 Street of Monsters



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