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Durarara!! Re;Dollars Arc 03 is the thirteenth volume of the Durarara!! manga and the first volume of the Hollywood Arc.


In his younger days, yakuza officer Akabayashi met Sayaka, the mother of Anri Sonohara, who held Saika within her...and this chance encounter changed his life forever. Meanwhile, Mikado begins a purge of the violent members of Dollars, an assassin menaces Izaya, and somehow Shizuo's getting all the ladies...?! There's never time to sit back and relax in Ikebukuro![1]


This volume includes a 20-page full-color illustration gallery between chapters 16 and 17.

No. Title
14 It Takes a Thief to Stab a Thief
15 Love Is Twisted And Thorny
16 Fantasy and Reality of the Younger Days
17 The Red Ogre In Love
18 The Ice Doll Twice Thrown
19 The Clod of Steel Gets the Girls...!?
20 In Love with an Assassin!!




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