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Durarara!! Re;Dollars Arc 01 is the eleventh volume of the Durarara!! manga and the first volume of the Toramaru Arc.


Mikado Ryuugamine and Anri Sonohara begin their second year at Raira Academy, but the peace of Golden Week does not last long. Their junior wants Mikado's time, a mysterious girl is after Shizuo Heiwajima, and Izaya Orihara is seeking petty revenge after being left out of past events. A new year with new trouble begins for the residents of Ikebukuro.


No. Title
1 The Fighting Puppet Subtly Frets
2 The Adults Squirm
3 The Purehearted Boy Suddenly Falters
4 The Berserker Grows Excited
5 The Days of Youth Shine and Crumble
6 The Info Dealer Plots and Dances



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