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Durarara!!x4 is the fourth volume in the Durarara!! manga series and the fourth volume of the Mika Harima arc.


With both the Black Rider and Yagiri Pharmaceuticals bearing down on him, Mikado Ryuugamine has to make his play - calling on the numbers of the Dollars to assist him. A member of the Dollars herself, Celty is less concerned with the leader and scope of her organization than she is the fates of her head and body, which may have wills, desires, and vulnerabilities all their own.


No. Title
1 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 018
2 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 019
3 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 020
4 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 021
5 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 022



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