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Durarara!!x1 is the first volume in the Durarara!! manga series and the first volume of the Mika Harima arc.


A schoolboy moves from the countryside to Ikebukuro and finds himself in a world of stalkers and missing persons, informants and color gangs, urban legends and a variety of colorful people with strong, mysterious connections to the city's underworld.


No. Title
1 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 001
2 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 002
3 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 003
4 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 004
5 Durarara!! Manga Chapter 005



Durarara!! Manga

Drrr manga vol 1 EN.jpg

Drrr manga vol 2 EN.jpg

Drrr manga vol 3 EN.jpg

Drrr manga vol 4 EN.jpg

Drrr saika vol 1 EN.jpg
Saika Arc x1

Drrr saika vol 2 EN.jpg
Saika Arc x2

Drrr saika vol 3 EN.jpg
Saika Arc x3

Drrr yellow scarves vol 1 EN.jpeg
Yellow Scarves Arc x1

Drrr yellow scarves vol 2 EN.jpeg
Yellow Scarves Arc x2

Drrr yellow scarves vol 3 EN.jpg
Yellow Scarves Arc x3

Durarara!! ReDollars Vol1 EN.jpg
Re;Dollars Arc vol. 1

Durarara!! ReDollars Vol2 EN.jpg
Re;Dollars Arc vol. 2

Durarara!! ReDollars Vol3 EN.jpg
Re;Dollars Arc vol. 3

Durarara!! ReDollars Vol4 EN.jpg
Re;Dollars Arc vol. 4

Drrr re;dollars vol 5 JP.jpg
Re;Dollars Arc vol. 5