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If we didn't have manga or novels, we'd base this on some historical play. If there's any reason we do this... it's because we're just plain crazy.

Walker Yumasaki and Erika Karisawa

Wawawawawawawa!! is the seventh chapter of the Dollars/Mika Harima Arc.


In the chat room, TarouTanaka, Setton, and Kanra debate whether the Dollars truly exists or not.

In a van in another part of town, Saburo Togusa is beating a man into revealing who he works after the kidnapping of his friend Kaztano. The man claims to not know anything, but Walker and Erika arrive with supplies. Saburo leaves the two to finish his task.

Walker pulls out various manga series, and the two tell the man that whatever book he chooses is going to influence the type of torture they use on him. The man panics upon seeing the kind of brutal series they pull out and considers his options. He picks one that seems the least threatening. Just as Walker and Erika hold him down to torture him, Kyouhei Kadota intervenes. He tells the man that his comrades have all talked and if he does not tell them what they need, he will let Walker and Erika proceed with the torture. The man caves and reveals that he works for a small dispatching company owned by Yagiri Pharmaceuticals and is tasked with kidnapping people for experiments.

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Cultural references[]


  • Walker and Erika make a pun on the word "Dengeki" referencing both Dengeki Bunko and the literal meaning of the word ("electric shock") when introducing their method of torture.