Wawawawawa!! is the fifth chapter of the Dollars/Mika Harima Arc.


The Headless Rider drives its motorcycle in an alley and heads to the rooftop where Izaya is and takes the two unconscious girls to drop them off at a park safely under his request.

In the chat, TarouTanaka asks Setton about the infamous Izaya Orihara he had heard of, but before Setton could answer, Kanra gets on and starts talking about suicide websites and the possibility that they may have not gotten as much attention lately because the bodies haven't been found. Setton logs off, having a sudden job to do, while TarouTanaka and Kanra remain to discuss the disappearances.

Shinra arrives home and greets Celty. He starts a conversation with her about how her body functions and how she could perceive the world without a head. In the middle of the conversation, he brings up that after twenty years searching for her missing head she should just give up and stay with him. Celty brushes him off, upset, and firmly declares she has no intention on giving up.


Shinra: "It doesn't suit a girl like you."