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Even when it comes to ordinary people, there are some you can never mess with.

Masaomi Kida

Wa! is the first chapter of the Dollars/Mika Harima Arc.


This chapter opens with someone telling a head in a glass jar that he loves it.

In an online chat room, user TarouTanaka is telling user Setton that he is moving to Ikebukuro the next day. At this moment, Kanra logs on, telling him that the most interesting thing as of late would be the Dollars before changing the topic to the urban legend - the Black Rider.

Shifting to a very crowded Ikebukuro Station, Mikado Ryuugamine is overwhelmed by the crowd and expresses his desire to be home. He explains that this is his first trip to Tokyo and that he will be attending a private high school at the request of an old friend. He is called out to by his childhood friend Masaomi Kida. After greeting each other, Masaomi agrees to take Mikado on a tour around Sunshine City.

The scene then shifts to Seiji Yagiri being followed by Mika Harima. Seiji tries to run away from his stalker, but Mika chases after him, confessing her love. Just then, Seiji bumps into Mikado and drops his bag, frightening Mikado. After Seiji leaves, Mikado asks Masaomi if he was part of a color gang. Masaomi explains how color gangs are smaller now but warns Mikado about people to look out for, including the Dollars. Upon hearing the name, Mikado becomes instantly curious and asks Masaomi for more information. As they are about to cross the street, the Black Rider passes by in front of them. Mikado is paralyzed, and Masaomi tells him how lucky he is to see the urban legend up close, saying that it is probably the city's way of greeting him.


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