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I make my living by being used by everyone I can. That's what being an info dealer... no, what being Izaya Orihara means. That's my bliss.

Izaya Orihara

Izaya Orihara is the fifth chapter of the ninth Durarara!! light novel.


The members of Heaven's Slave who have been following Celty Sturluson manage to steal the laptop she has been ferrying for Izaya Orihara. When they decipher the tracking information on it, they determine that Izaya has one of Amphisbaena's tracking chips. After the info broker is abducted by Amphisbaena, Hiroto Shijima and several of his subordinates follow him to the underground bar, where they finally meet Earthworm face-to-face. Hearing that Earthworm has sent people to abduct Mairu and Kururi Orihara, Shijima attempts to call his men off of the same mission. Out on the streets of Ikebukuro, Eijirou Sharaku helps Mairu deal with her would-be kidnappers, while Kururi is saved by Celty at Izaya's request.

Earthworm and Shijima receive phone calls that connect them in a group call with someone calling himself Izaya Orihara. He soon reveals himself as Ran Izumii when he enters the bar at the head of Izaya's group of followers, and as Mikage Sharaku efficiently takes out Shijima's subordinates, Izaya reveals that Earthworm's subordinates are children of Haruna Niekawa's Saika, leaving the two leaders without any allies. Izumii beats Earthworm viciously with his hammer and Haruna makes her a slave of Saika, while Izaya invites Shijima into his network within the Dollars, planning to make use of him later.

Character debuts[]


Eijirou: "A martial artist needs to be ready at all times for all possibilities, so a sneak attack ain't exactly unfair... but if you flip that around, then anyone who tries to ambush a martial artist in public can't complain if they wind up dead, y'know?"

Izaya: "As for whether people are essentially self-interested or put priority on others, the cliched answer is "It depends on the person." And that's the fun part, that every case is different. Is human nature good or evil? Will reason or desire triumph? Will hope or despair win out in the end? The things that makes humanity fun is that there's no single answer."

Mikage: "I'm not going to stop you if you smash her face with that hammer or burn her alive, but if you're going to defile her as a woman... it'll be my turn to hurt you, Izumii."

Izaya: "It's the fact that things don't always go your way that makes the world fun."