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To you, me and Kuru and Mom and Dad are no better than strangers when it comes to your targets for observation, aren't we? If you're going to treat all of humanity exactly the same, you can't expect your family to love you back!

Mairu Orihara

Iza is the second chapter of the ninth Durarara!! light novel.


After being dropped off at Rakuei Gym, Izaya Orihara is attacked in succession by his younger sister Mairu Orihara, hoping for a chance to meet Shizuo Heiwajima's brother Yuuhei, and her martial arts teacher Eijirou Sharaku, wanting to avenge his sister Mikage for Izaya's part in her decision to drop out of school years prior. He is only saved when Mikage attacks and berates her brother, and he uses their ensuing argument to make his escape.

At home, Celty Sturluson is taking care of a heavily injured and bed-ridden Shinra Kishitani. Secretly, her goal is to uncover the identity of his attacker, and she accepts a job from Izaya in exchange for information. Shinra sees through her attempts to keep the job a secret and convinces her to promise that she will not confront his attacker on her own. With Shinra offering to be the brains to her muscle, the two agree to work together to free themselves from Izaya's clutches.

Chat Room[]

In the chat room, Mai and Kuru wait for Kanra to show up but are met with Sharo instead. After needling each other, Sharo privately asks the girls to inform him if they uncover Izaya's business in Ikebukuro.

In a Dark Place 3[]

In the empty bar, Earthworm is torturing Izaya by pouring water over the burlap sack on his head, making breathing difficult for him. As she talks, she reveals that she has her own source of information on the info broker, before continuing to question him on his relationship with Mikage Sharaku.


Celty: "Izaya totally earned what he got! Everybody hates him for a reason! He practically wears karma as an outfit every day he steps outside!"

Izaya: "If you want me to feel the same way you did, then I'm not the target of your revenge. It should be my sisters, right? Just go to them and use your clever wits to convince them to do whatever it is you want. Then you might just get me to double over."

Celty: "I'll make sure I free you from the palm of his hand, even if I can't join you. Don't worry, Shinra."