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In the West, they say a cat has nine lives... but the snake is a symbol of immortality and eternal rebirth, isn't it? Seems fitting for you, the way you can get beaten and stabbed and just shrug off a layer of skin before coming back.

Haruya Shiki

Information Broker is the first chapter of the ninth Durarara!! light novel.


Haruya Shiki hires Izaya Orihara to gather information on Amphisbaena, a mysterious group running a highly secretive gambling ring that has been taking clients from Awakusu-kai casinos. They wish to at least discover if another organization is backing them before they create any trouble that impacts the Awakusu-kai's upcoming merger with the Medei-gumi. The drug pushers caught by Awakusu lieutenant Mizuki Akabayashi three months prior were also ordered by their backers to search for Amphisbaena, leading the Awakusu to believe the drugs the thugs were selling might be produced by an organization opposing the gambling ring.

When Shiki drops Izaya off near Rakuei Gym, he comes face-to-face with Akane Awakusu for the first time. Under Shiki's watchful eye, Izaya greets her warmly and Akane, initially shocked upon seeing a stranger exiting the car but emboldened by Shiki's familiar presence, introduces herself in return.

Chat Room[]

In the chat room, Bacura and 100% Pure Water meet and talk about the original chat members. Bacura warns not to pry into other members' personal lives, and 100% Pure Water hopes TarouTanaka returns soon so he can meet all of the chat's new members.

In a Dark Place 2[]

As Earthworm continues to taunt Izaya, she informs him that some of her subordinates have been sent to pick up his younger sisters Mairu and Kururi.


Izaya: "Look how hard the police're working to protect us all. I feel safe in Tokyo today."

Shiki: "Curiosity might kill the cat after nine tries, but unnecessary curiosity will require a slightly more elaborate punishment, informant."