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Welcome to the Dollars. The Dollars will welcome you all equally.

Izaya Orihara

Heads = Tails = Edge; Izaya's Return @ Möbiusloop is the closing of the eighth Durarara!! light novel.


Within the Awakusu-kai, Mizuki Akabayashi volunteers to handle the Dollars, some of whose members have taken to selling drugs on the yakuza organization's turf. He sends the gang of youths working for him, Jan-Jaka-Jan, to tail the gang's leader and gather information on the internet group, and he is slightly troubled to learn that the leader is close with Anri Sonohara. His associate Haruya Shiki, meanwhile, will soon be busy with the return of Izaya Orihara.

Shinra Kishitani wakes up in Nebula's research facility twelve hours after his arrival and is greeted by a relieved Celty Sturluson. Furious with herself over Shinra's state, she heads out to search for the still-missing Kisuke Adabashi. Watching her from a dark car, Seitarou Yagiri informs Jinnai Yodogiri that he intends to collect all of the supernatural women in Ikebukuro, including Celty and her head, Anri Sonohara, and Ruri Hijiribe.

Adabashi, in pain from his injuries and upset at losing the chance to crush Ruri yet again, is confronted outside of his apartment by Ran Izumii. He attacks the antagonizing man, but Izumii meets his attack, and Mikage Sharaku knocks him out from behind. Members of Dragon Zombie load his unconscious body into a van and bring him to Izaya's new apartment in Ikebukuro, where the information broker is assembling the members of his alliance and welcomes them into the Dollars.

Chat Room[]

Kid teaches Saika how to use private mode, and Anri tells him the meaning of her username, explaining that "Saika" is a name from a fairy tale her mother told her. Sharo later tries to tell the group about his encounter with the masked Shingen Kishitani, but no one believes him.

Character Debuts[]

  • Jan-Jaka-Jan (mention)

Cultural References[]


Celty: "I'm going to search him out and find him, but I won't kill him. I just... can't promise he'll be unharmed by the time I hand him over to the police."

Izaya: "You see, relief is what stalls development. Take Shinra, for example. No matter what he gets involved in, he has the relief of knowing that Celty and Shizu are out there to help him out of it. And that attitude ended up getting him into the hospital this time. So I intend to be very harsh to my friends now. Out of friendship. If Shinra calls me up to tell me he's been hospitalized, I'll say, 'Oh,' and hang up on him."