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Hey, Mikado.
If you fallen down into this side... then I'll make sure to pull you back up.
That's right, I'm gonna save you all on my own. No matter how much you cry about it.

You've known for years just how selfish I am, haven't you?

Masaomi Kida

Running Lost @ Stalkers is the fourth chapter of the eighth Durarara!! light novel.


Celty Sturluson rushes home and finds Shinra Kishitani on the floor, covered in his own blood. While watching her rush Shinra out of the apartment building, Kisuke Adabashi receives a panicked call from one of him companions, tasked with following Anri Sonohara and killing Yuigadokusonmaru, who is being chased by boys in shark masks. At the same time, Vorona intercepts the attacker about to throw acid on Shizuo Heiwajima, and before Masaomi Kida can bring down the other attacker, a boy in a Blue Squares shark mask tasers the attacker and flees. Masaomi follows, leaving Tom Tanaka and his group behind, intent on receiving answers from the boy but accidentally knocking him out during their scuffle instead. On the boy's phone he finds a message from Mikado Ryuugamine, instructing the others to stay on watch near Anri's apartment. Online, Mikado is gathering information about Ruri Hijiribe's group of stalkers and their targets across the city, sending members of the Blue Squares to deal with them.

Outside of Anri's apartment building, the stalker has outrun the Blue Squares and doubled back. Anri finds him attempting to set the building on fire and cuts him with Saika, and when she briefly lets her guard down, she is attacked by Adabashi. As she struggles to stand up again, Adabashi gives chase to Dokusonmaru, more interested in hurting the cat Ruri loves. He takes out several Blue Squares members on the way until Masaomi, watching from the shadows, steps in but is overpowered. The last remaining Blue Squares member throws gasoline and a lighter on Adabashi, and only after the burning man runs away and Masaomi demands answers of the boy does he reveal himself to be Mikado.

Aoba Kuronuma and the remaining Blue Squares members arrive to help their friends, and Mikado asks Masaomi to wait a little longer to come home. Anri comes running after the cat, and just like Mikado had done to him, Masaomi leaves Anri behind without answers. He calls his second-in-command, Koji Yatabe, and mobilizes the Yellow Scarves.

Character Debuts[]


Shinra: "Celty... that beautiful heart of yours is going to waste. You need... to... smile... more...."

Masaomi: "Mikado... what the hell are you fighting against?"

Mikado (to Masaomi): "Just a big longer, and I'll have made it... The place for you and Sonohara to come home to."